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Posted 08/06/2017


Call to Action-Midwest Conference - Detroit


“What Breaks Your Heart?

A Call to a New Spirituality”

Keynote: Adam Bucko

October 20-21, 2017

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1950 Trumbull Ave, Detroit

Hilton Garden Inn, 351 Gratiot Ave, Detroit


Click on this link to REGISTER and get conference schedule detail:  http://ctamid1.cta-wc.a2hosted.com/

Conference details and hotel accommodation details are available on the website


The complete schedule will be available in the published program at registration; previously published times, places and the frequency of presentations are subject to change until the final registration packet is published.

 Send all inquiries to Don Donahue at donald.w.donahue@gmail.com

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Conference over View


  Registration Opens

Hilton Garden Inn – 9:00 AM 

Urban Farming-Keep Growing Detroit

Presentation, Q&A 

Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Detroit Water Justice 


Catered hors d’oeuvre’s



Don Donahue, CTA Mid-West Planner

Introduction to the Conference

Kim Redigan, Adam Bucko





Capuchins, On the Rise Bakery

Introduction for Adam Bucko

Kim Redigan (The Hive)



Adam Bucko


Urban Farming-Keep Growing Detroit



Stop Human Trafficking

Women at Risk International

The “Ewe”

“Engaging for Positive Impact”

 Swords into Plowshares

Peace Center presentation and Tour

John Chuchman

“Seeking Joy”


Capuchin Soup Kitchen


 Reclaim Detroit


Panel Discussion

Adam Bucko, Kim Redigan

Closing Comments-Reflections

Zach Johnson


St. Peters Episcopal Church



Our Presenters

 Bill Wylie-Kellermann


Retired Pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellermann is a man who has reclaimed civil disobedience as a spiritual practice and a vital component of Christian ministry for the past four decades in Detroit.  An ordained United Methodist minister, he only accepted part-time positions at churches in the city so that he could lavish time and energy into community organizing and direct action.  Back in the early 80’s, while serving a short stint in federal prison for an action at the Pentagon, the pastor-parish committee at his church inquired if it would be counted as “vacation time.”  His district supervisor countered, “Oh no.  Bill’s doing ministry.”


Kim Redigan 

 Kim is Vice Chair if the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights and represents MCHR as a member of the Detroit People’s Water Board Coalition Faith Action Committee.  Kim is a nonviolence trainer and peace educator with Michigan-Meta Peace Team and has served on several domestic and international peace teams, including teams in Palestine and Egypt; she is involved with Woman in Black-Detroit, Detroit Metro Interfaith Worker Justice, the Detroit Area Peace Network, and is on the state council of Pax Christi Michigan.

“Much has been written about the “new” Detroit as a place of rebirth and resurrection, but this narrative leaves out the reality of massive water shut-offs and home foreclosures, the violence of gentrification and displacement, and an ugly legacy of racism.  At the same time, something new, grounded in resistance and the call to “wage love”, is taking root.  Can we grow our hearts big enough to hold the brokenness and the beauty of the present moment?  Can we dive deeply enough to discover the spiritual tools of transformation needed in these troubling times?”


Zach Johnson


Zach is the current Executive Director of Call to Action-USA.


Adam Bucko

Adam Bucko is an activist, spiritual director to many of New York City’s homeless youth, and co-author of "Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation" (North Atlantic Books 2013) and "The New Monasticism: An Interspiritual Manifesto for Contemplative Living"(Orbis Books 2015).


He grew up in Poland during the totalitarian regime and spent his early years exploring the anarchist youth movement as a force for social and political change. At the age of 17, Adam immigrated to America where his desire to find his path towards a meaningful life led him to monasteries in the US and India. His life-defining experience took place in India, where on his way to a Himalayan hermitage, he met a homeless child who lived on the streets of Delhi. This brief encounter led him to the “Ashram of the Poor” where he began his work with homeless youth. After returning to the US, he worked on the streets of various American cities with young people struggling against homelessness and prostitution. He eventually co-founded The Reciprocity Foundation, an award winning nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of New York City's homeless youth.

In addition to his work with homeless youth, Adam established HAB, an ecumenical and inter-spiritual “new monastic” fellowship for young people which offers formation in radical spirituality and sacred activism.

He collaborates with spiritual leaders across religious traditions and mentors young people, helping them discover a spiritual life in the 21st century and how to live deeply from the heart in service of compassion and justice.

Adam is a recipient of several awards and ABC News, CBS, NBC, New York Daily News, National Catholic Reporter, Ode Magazine, Yoga International Magazine, and Sojourner Magazine have featured his work.


The “Ewe”

 Join "the Ewe" for a session discussing her spiritual approach to engaging for positive impact.  "The Ewe" does not fit the "pay, pray and obey" model of living her Catholic faith.  She questions, challenges and walks with Catholic hierarchy using a very non-defensive, positive (and somewhat humorous) approach that seems to keep the hierarchy a little off-balance.  However, her approach creating such disequilibrium with hierarchy members has yielded some positive impact as she tries to guide "lost sheep" members of the hierarchy in living the gospel messages.

 "The Ewe" is the pen name of the "Questions from a Ewe" blog author, a blog with over 250,000 visits to date. She is a single mother of three who from the eyes of the Roman Catholic hierarchy is in full communion with the Church but she questions if any woman is capable of being in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church due to clericalism, sexism, and the marginalization, and emotional abuse of women. The Ewe holds a master degree in theology from Loyola. She is not now nor has she ever been employed by the Catholic Church but rather is an engineer and executive consultant.


Women at Risk International

Women At Risk, International unites and educates to create circles of protection around those at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.

WAR, Int’l was officially founded in 2006. At that time, it had representation in 16 states and projects in 14 countries. From their own homes and office, WAR staff sold handcrafted jewelry, made by and supporting the at-risk women they served. By 2007, WAR, Int’l received its 501(c)(3) status and then opened its first real store, The WARChest Boutique in Rockford, Michigan by 2008.

Two years later, a second store opened, bringing the world of WAR to Wyoming, Michigan. With continued growth and positive public response, WAR, Int’l reached across state lines, bringing a third store to Naperville, Illinois in 2011. Later in 2011, WAR, Int’l purchased their corporate offices and moved in to their renovated space in early 2012, complete with a volunteer center. These headquarters enable WAR staff to continue and expand their work with their domestic and international partners, while engaging the local community. The volunteer center, home jewelry parties, and other forms of community involvement empower men, women, and children to become circles of protection around those at-risk, from where they live and work.


John Chuchman

While still employed with Ford Motor Company John began volunteering with Hospice of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1990.  To his amazement, he was of help to Men who had lost their wives and so upon retirement in 1992, John continued with Hospice work with Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix, Arizona and North Country Hospice, Kalkaska, Michigan.


John was awarded a Certificate in Spirituality from Kino Institute in Phoenix and in 2000 a Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

John’s Master’s Thesis was on Forgiveness; A Key to Grief Healing a synopsis of which was published in Bereavement magazine.


In July 2010, John was ordained a Priest of The Catholic Diocese of One Spirit, CDOS.

From retirement to date, John has conducted Grief Support Groups, Seminars, Retreats, and In-Service Programs for Hospices and Church Groups of all denominations all across the country. He has written 17 books with Sacred Quest; Growth Through Loss and Love containing all the slides and handouts used in his workshops.


John and his wife Marilyn  live six months each in Northern Michigan and in Arizona.  With one son Mark, passing in 2006 at age 46,  they enjoy their other three children and their grandchildren.


Urban Farming-Keep Growing Detroit


Cultivating a food sovereign Detroit, where the majority of fruits and vegetables consumed by Detroiters are grown within the city limits.


IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO JOIN THE GRP!  For over a decade, the Garden Resource Program (GRP) has supported family, community, school, and market gardens in Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck. Participants in the Garden Resource Program receive resources for their vegetable gardens, including seeds and Detroit grown transplants and become part of a growing network of gardeners and advocates working to promote urban agriculture within a thriving local food system.

  Swords into Plowshares


The Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery is Southeast Michigan's unique location for peace and justice related art exhibits as well as a location for a number of peace-related events. The Gallery also has a gift shop featuring books, cards and artwork that can be purchased. 


Reclaim Detroit


Reclaim Detroit is a social enterprise founded in 2010 to fight blight, create jobs for Detroiters, and reclaim valuable resources from the landfill using deconstruction and innovative reuse practices.  Our crews carefully dismantle parts of buildings that would otherwise be destroyed by demolition, saving everything from antique doors to old growth lumber, while also gaining valuable work experience in the green construction and demolition industry.

Beyond our core efforts to train and employ workers facing barriers to employment, Reclaim Detroit has successfully advocated for city-wide policies that support the sustainable removal of structures with an eye towards reuse and local economic development.  Largely as a result of these efforts along with support from many partners and foundations, Reclaim Detroit will soon enter a public private partnership with Detroit to manage and operate a Reuse Hub in midtown.

Every house matters.  Every job matters.  Reclaim Detroit.


Eastern Conference – Baltimore MD, October 20-21, 2017

Double Tree by Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport

890 Elkridge Landing RD

Linthicum, MD 21090



“Called to Justice under a

Trump Administration . . .to do justice

 . . . to love tenderly . . .

to walk humbly with our God”




Keynote 1 - Sr. Simone Campbell - “Social Justice under a Trump Administration”

Keynote 2 - Greer Gordon - “Racism and Privilege in our Church and Society”

Keynote 3 – Pax Christi -  Sr. Patty Chappell - “Called to be a People of Peace”


Focus Sessions:

  • LGBT and the Welcoming Church

  • Caring for our Earth

  • Immigration, Deportation, and Sanctuary

  • Transgender, Intersex Identities, and the Family


Contact: Ryan Sattler,  CTA MD Chapter Chair






Midwest Conference – Detroit MI, October 20-21, 2017

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1950 Trumbull AVE, Detroit, Michigan

Free Parking


“What Breaks Your Heart?

A Call to Action – A Call to a New Spirituality”


“Young people are not necessarily rejecting God, they just simply feel that “religious organizations are too concerned with money and power, too focused on rules and too involved in politics.  It is for this reason . . . that the rise of “spiritual but not religious” is not a sign of spiritual decline but rather “a new kind of spiritual awakening.”


Keynote: Adam Bucko


Much more detail to follow.


Contact: Don Donahue, donald.w.donahue@gmail.com


Conference REGISTRATION, SCHEDULE and HOTEL information available at:




Note: Conference Registration, Schedule and Hotel information will be available the 1st week of June.


Rocky Mountains Conference – Golden CO, September 8-9, 2017

Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W 32nd ST, Golden, CO (suburb of Denver)

Free Parking


Keynote: Sr. Simone Campbell


“You were also once a stranger. How to effectively help the Immigrant in our midst”


Call-to-Action Colorado, in partnership with American Friends Service Committee, is hosting this year’s conference in Golden Colorado.  Immigration is the theme for the 1 and half-day conference.  In addition to Sr. Simon Campbell of Network, you will hear stories of local immigrants, get a review of the history of immigration laws, and learn specific ways to effectively help our immigrant communities.



Contact: Marcie Dahlen, marciedahlen@me.com

Registration Information: Marcie Dahlen, marciedahlen@me.com

Facebook: Colorado Call To Action







Posted 05/16/2017



A Letter from the Executive Director, Zack Johnson . . .



Dear Call To Action members,


You have been with CTA through many years of church reform work.  Since our beginning in 1977, we’ve seen the CTA national conference grow from a basement gathering to become the annual event around which many of us have built our Catholic life.  We’ve encountered Popes and engaged with bishops; we’ve protested, picketed, and prayed for our church all across the country.


At the 2015 National Conference, Jim FitzGerald asked CTA to realize our present moment of rebirth.  Paul also memorably uses a birth metaphor in his letter to the church of Rome, “We know that all creation is groaning in labor pains even until now.” (Romans 8:22) And we realize with Paul that hope is a natural companion to birth, “for in hope we were saved...we hope for what we do not see, we wait with endurance.” (Romans 8:24)


As we take our first steps forward in the comfortable shadow of the past 40 years, hope and reflection feel like good themes for CTA’s first new project.


So we would like to put these questions on hope and reflection to you:


We invite you to respond to any or all of these prompts.  CTA staff will collect and organize your responses based on which prompt you react to.  If you choose to respond to more than one prompt, please send them in separate communications.


We have three objectives for this project:


1.  To Inform, inspire, and hold accountable the future work of CTA.


2. To present these letters at the USCCB national conference to remind the bishops of our unwavering commitment to the creation of a Just Church for all.


3.  CTA’s 20/30 group will "steward" this collection of letters. Members from the group will write their own responses to the issues and themes most resonant to them. CTA will publish this intergenerational “dialogue” to our website. We will also print them in future CTA publications.


You can send your responses on paper to our office at 2135 W Roscoe St., Unit 1N; Chicago IL 60618, or email them to cta@cta-usa.org.


This is an exciting time for Call To Action, even as the work in front of us is as daunting as ever. But we are a community defined by faith: faith in our Sacraments, faith in our future, and faith in each other. We look forward to collecting your reflections and moving into action.


Zach Johnson


Posted 04/23/2017

Midwest Conference – Detroit MI, October 20-21, 2017

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1950 Trumbull AVE, Detroit, Michigan

Free Parking


“What Breaks Your Heart?

A Call to Action – A Call to a New Spirituality”


“Young people are not necessarily rejecting God, they just simply feel that “religious organizations are too concerned with money and power, too focused on rules and too involved in politics.  It is for this reason . . . that the rise of “spiritual but not religious” is not a sign of spiritual decline but rather “a new kind of spiritual awakening.”


Keynote: Adam Bucko


Much more detail to follow.


Contact: Don Donahue, donald.w.donahue@gmail.com

Registration Information:  cta-wisconsin@charter.net (available 1st week of June)



Posted 03/19/2017 
From David Saavedra
Transitional Executive Director 

I'm excited to share that Call To Action has selected a new Executive Director, Zachary Johnson. Zach will officially begin his role on March 27.

All of us on the search committee were truly impressed with Zach's executive experience, his deep spirituality and his commitment to servant leadership. The Holy Spirit has brought us the right leader at the right time. 

Zach has a long history in the Catholic social justice community. He comes to Call To Action from the Salvation Light Inner Harbor, Minnesota’s largest homeless shelter, where he was Program Director. The shelter employs 60 staff and serves up to 600 people each night. Zach also organized and hosted the 2016 national Faith and Resistance Retreat on Racial Equity, and has worked with the Catholic Worker Community, Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) and the Minnesota Harm Reduction Coalition. He’s a regular guest speaker on topics of homelessness, social justice, anti-racism, and applied ethics, and is a graduate of Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

He’ll be based out of Minneapolis, and thanks to the wonders of technology, he will be in regular contact with Call To Action’s Chicago-based staff, as well as Vision Council members and chapter leaders around the country. Since technology does not fully replace face-to-face interaction, we’ll be working on ways for him to best meet members in person and will let you know of upcoming opportunities to connect.

It has been my pleasure serving as Call To Action's Transitional Director, and I look forward to continuing to serve you as a member of the Vision Council. 

Please join me in welcoming Zach to the Call To Action family!


Posted 02/26/2017

Save the Date(s) – Call To Action Conference is Going Regional in 2017!

Instead of one national conference, CTA chapters around the country are planning four regional conferences. You’ll be able to get to know CTA members in your region better – and you can even expand your boundaries by attending a conference in a different region. It’s up to you!

Learn from nationally-known and local speakers, engage in social justice action, and worship at inclusive liturgy. Each conference will include activities Friday night and all day Saturday.

The dates for each region are:

Rocky Mountains (Denver)
September 8-9

East Coast (Baltimore)
October 13-14

**Midwest (Detroit-more specific detail to follow)
October 20-21

West Coast (Oakland area – tentative)
Dates TBD

Stay tuned for registration and program information, and spread the word to others who may be interested.

We hope to see you at one of the conferences!
Want to help?  E-mail: cta-wisconsin@charter.net 



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